Whose going to join me????

I'm still going with the use my old stuff up challenge. Jules is going to join me, whose next??? I feel like a scrapbook supplies collector more than an actually scrapper some days LOL. Using up the old to bring in the new.

Love this one, how cute does cruz look in a tutu LOL :) The ribbon is about 4 years old, still got more to use up.

Banners seem really big right now, I don't think I pulled it off, but at least I used some rubon's that I've had for at least 2 years.

This one is from a Creative Scrappers sketch. The acrylic stars are at least 3 years old, got a sneaky feeling they are older than that :)

So whose next?? Join me in my quest to use up my old supplies!!!!

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Scrapthat said...

LOL I love the ward robe malfunction title! Too funny!