New Photos

Speaking of sisters. Mine sent me pics of my niece and nephew in their new school uniforms. They look so cute, I can't wait to get scrappin!!!!! Thanks Leonie!!!


How cute is my hubby! This picture was taken at least 10 years ago. I created the LO for a "lucky" contest. I decided I was lucky to have ever met him, considering that we grew up on different sides of the Pacific Ocean. It always amazes me when I think how we met and that we have been happily married now for over 11 years. It's true what they say their is someone for everyone!!!!

Surprise Mail

My SIL is just the sweetest. She sent me a calendar full of pictures from home. I was so excited when I opened the package. I decided to hang it on my wall at work. Love ya Trace!!!! Your the best!!!!!

Close encounter of the whale kind!!

Last November, Russ and I spent a day at Seaworld. The highlight of the visit had to be dinner with Shamu. You go backstage to enjoy a buffet while the trainers put on a mini show. The pool is much smaller, so you feel really close to the whales. Once the whales are put away the trainers come around to the tables answering questions. Russ took the opportunity to ask a bunch of questions about being a trainer and the animals. The guy was really sweet answering all of Russ's questions with a smile. We had a great time and it was an excellent way to end our day in Seaworld.

Created the LO for a paint challenge. I used paint to mimic the look of water on the far left side and below the bottom right corner of the main photo. The colors are more distinct IRL.

hands of TIME

Created this for a hands and feet challenge. The journaling is about how my hands no longer look youthful, so I went with a sepia look to my photo and used the same tones through out the LO. I had to play with this several times before I was happy with it, but it worked out in the end!!!

My Blog Angel

I have been fooling around with the header in my blog for a couple of days trying to get it to look just right. Pam came to my rescue and gave me some ideas and I finally made it work!!! I love love love how it looks :) Thanks again Pam, much appreciated!!!!

New Blog

Testing~ how does it look?