11 sleeps...

do you remember when you were a kid and you counted down to Christmas with sleeps, those were the days where it was much simpler.  Well xmas sure sneaks up on you fast, it's next week!!  Am I the only one going over all the those mental lists in my head making sure I've got everything done?  I feel like I'm in good shape, presents are all bought, just need to wrap them.  Got supplies for the day (that could be bought ahead of time), the rest will have to be closer to the day.  No matter what stage your at, don't panic, you'll get there trust me :)  Relax and enjoy!

Wanted to repost some LO's, finally had a sunny day so I was able to get better pics of them.

and here's a couple of new one's.

Thanks for looking :)

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Chris said...

Oh my Jenelle! I forgot how much I loved your work!!!! I love all the details!!!!