She scraps at last :)

Hi everybody, it's been wayyyyy too long.

Things are finally settling down in our lives. Russell joined my in Australia after six months apart, we've been through all the immigration stuff and Russ been working now for about 4 months. We've moved into our own place and I now have a scrapbook room again. It's been wonderful being home and reconnecting with the family and I know it was all worth the drama and expense of moving.

Even though I haven't scrapped for 18 months, didn't stop me from purchasing supplies the whole time LOL. When I was unpacking my scrap supplies I started to fell a little guilty about how much I had and joked that I could probably wallpaper several rooms with all the paper I have, but then realized you can never really have enough paper ;).

Forgot to mention I used a pencil lines sketch for this one, after not scrapping for so long I though a few sketches would kick start the old creativity flowing again.

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Chris said...

awesome! welcome back to scrappy world!!!!!!!!